I created this blog initially for me to dump sketches and random pieces of art

i demand more mega rayquaza dddd

get wrecked memeboy

this seemed funnier in my head

Jellyfish Merman!Clear


Afanen is very important tbh

OC time, apparently.

screenshot redraw? more like ripping out my hear and drawing with it.

my babiesss

blond sollux will be the death of me

i got a little bit lazy half-way through

excited for the remakes~

what about some trickster!vriska, huh huh?? I need to stop making everything pastel coloured

bonus glitched version:

normally I would be sorry for drawing a character so much

except it’s vriska, so I’m not

The Guardians about to fuck shit up

Commissioned by its-only-a-papermoon in any case, happy belated 4/13

commissions are open

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